MCH has been a SF bay area session guitarist, teacher, and bandleader for over 2 decades. His personality, easy demeanor, and technical skills shine through no matter the musical situation. His musical range and skills lead him to playing funk with Zigaboo, African folk music with Vusi, fusion/pop/rock with Narada, Zappa-esque art rock with MoeTar, and a wide range of instrumental jazz and lush ambient home productions that defy categorization but always deliver a rich feeling. MCH has a Bachelors of Music and attended DePaul University, Wayne State University, and The University of Miami. Matthew is an experienced and thoughtful teacher of guitar, practice, and patience.

Contact Matthew here if you’d like to inquire about lessons.

“Matthew is the best guitar teacher I've ever had! He's an exceptional musician himself, and has refined his teaching over 30 years and it shows in his thoughtful and comprehensive approach.”


“Matthew moves smoothly from teaching simple songs, reading music, complex theory, and details of composition while remaining attentive to the heart and mind of his student.”


“Call Matt! Your skills will improve. Your love of playing will grow. And you will have a deeper appreciation for music.”


“Matthew is all the things you want in a guitar teacher, he is knowledgeable, focused, patient, encouraging and friendly.”